Changes to certificate costs limits

Following the October fee cuts, the LSC have made changes to the default costs limits for civil legal aid certificates. The announcement is here, and the table of revised limits here. These changes take effect from today.

The standard limit for childcare cases (acting for a child or parent in care or supervision order cases) has been increased from £5,000 to £10,000. A series of other civil proceedings types – see the list in Annex A of the LSC table – have been reduced by 10%, for example from £2500 to £2250 for a substantive certificate and £1500 to £1350 for an emergency certificate. Proceedings types other than those in Annex A remain unchanged. Similar reductions for family certificates will follow in February.

You should check certificates received carefully to ensure that you are working to the correct costs limitations. Also, remember that you can issue an emergency certificate under devolved powers (if you have them) or subsequently amend it to a higher cost limit than the default, to a maximum of £10,000. Similarly, you can apply for a higher opening limit than the default for a substantive certificate if justifiable.

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