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New DV regs – tell the MOJ what you think

Following the successful Rights of Women JR, and the introduction of interim regulations, the Ministry of Justice is now consulting on revised regulations. It’s completely anonymous and the MOJ states that it  won’t know which individuals or firms have responded.

The online survey, which takes around 20 minutes to complete, aims to gather information about:

  • Practitioners’ experience of working with victims of domestic abuse and legal aid requirements
  • Your thoughts on the current arrangements and whether they present obstacles for people in accessing legal aid
  • Your views on the most straightforward way for victims to provide evidence in future

It’s great that the MOJ is asking you to give feedback on your experience and that of your clients (and those people who never became clients because they couldn’t provide the evidence required under the regulations).

Please complete the survey – the closing date is only a week away – FRIDAY 01 JULY 2016

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