LASPO Resources

Legal Aid Handbook 2018-19 edition – order here!

This page contains links to useful resources for legal aid practitioners, including legislation, guidance, forms and other material. It’s organised thematically and you can go to a particular section by clicking the links below:

We welcome comments and feedback on this page; in particular please let us know if you find a broken link or a document that it would be helpful to add.

Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012

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Statutory Instruments – civil

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Statutory Instruments – crime

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Each contract page contains all contract material, including supervisor forms, and links to related mandatory guidance

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LSC/MoJ general guidance for providers 

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Expert witnesses

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Peer Review and Audits

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Exceptional cases

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Transitional Arrangements

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Guidance for the public and clients

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4 responses to “LASPO Resources

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  2. Thanks so much, but it just illustrates the complexity of the whole procedure that there are quite so many links and there are the joys of CCMS to come….

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