New process for CCMS contingency applications

The LAA has changed its process for so-called “contingency” applications – that is, those that have to be made via paper because CCMS is down and the application is so urgent that it can’t wait until CCMS is available again.

If you have an urgent case and you can’t access CCMS – and you can’t exercise your delegated functions – you will need to contact the online technical support team. You’ll need to provide evidence (generally, screenshots) showing that you’ve tried to access CCMS at least twice and not been able to over a period of at least 24 hours.

The online support team will consider the circumstances – including both the state of CCMS and the nature of your application. If they agree you can use the contingency process, you will be emailed a cover sheet so that you can email a paper application. You will also be issued a contingency reference number which must be quoted in the application. The contingency reference number is your permission to use this process; if the online support team refuse to issue you one, any paper application will not be considered.

The LAA’s guidance note on the new process can be found here.

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