2016 LALYs launched

The 2016 Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards were launched last week. The awards will be held on 7 July and nominations close on 25 April. You can download an application form from the LAPG website here. Categories this year are:

  • Children’s rights
  • Criminal defence
  • Family legal aid
  • Family mediation
  • Mental health
  • Public law
  • Legal aid newcomer
  • Social and welfare
  • Legal aid barrister
  • Legal aid firm / NfP agency
  • Access to justice through IT
  • Outstanding achievement

Nominations are invited in all except the last category, which will be awarded by the judges alone. Sadly the housing category lasted only two years before being dropped, and immigration / asylum is also missing again this year – both are included in the catch-all “social and welfare” category. Given that they are the two of the largest categories of non-family civil legal aid left (family gets two awards, three if you include children’s rights), it’s surprising to see both overlooked.

An interesting innovation this year is the crowdfunding of the newcomer award. Donations of £10 or more are invited, and all who donate will have their names included in the event programme – you can donate here.

The hard work and dedication of legal aid practitioners is recognised all too rarely. Long may the LALYs continue to celebrate both.

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