Forms change on 1 April

The LAA has published preview copies of new forms in force from  1 April 2015. Not all forms are changing – you can see the full list on the LAA website here. In crime, only the LF3 is new. There is a new “counsel matrix” form for listing all fees paid to counsel in family cases.

The LAA says

The above civil claim forms and the controlled work forms are mandatory from 1 April 2015 but may be used now. However, we will not reject for using a previous version of the above forms unless there is a secondary reason for doing so

But the new LF3 must used from 1 April. Old forms signed after that date will be rejected. Old forms signed before 1 April will be rejected if not submitted before 30 April.

All forms, both new ones and those not changing, may be found here.


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