New Complaints Handling Toolkit Published

Vicky has written the Law Society’s new Complaints Handling Toolkit in conjunction with Fiona Westwood. It is published today and is designed to help practices implement best practice and meet their regulatory requirements. It provides draft policies, procedural checklists and other useful templates that you can use to supplement your existing complaints procedure or to create a new one. Here is a sample of just some of the templates you can access through the Complaints Handling Toolkit:

  • Written complaints policy
  • Written complaints procedural checklist
  • Sample complaints form
  • Letter acknowledging complaint
  • Letter of apology
  • Complaints training policy for staff
  • Self-audit checklist
  • Referral letter to the Legal Ombudsman
  • Template annual complaints report

All of the templates are provided on the book’s accompanying CD-ROM so you can customise them as needed.

Having a good and effective complaints policy is ever more important – it helps meet your regulatory and funding requirements and helps avoid the cost and time of managing complaints to the Ombudsman. This toolkit will help you ensure your complaints procedure is everything you need it to be.

Click the cover image to the right, or the link here, to buy your copy now.

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