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The LAA have issued an “Escape Cases Electronic Handbook” setting out their approach to the assessment of Legal Help and CLR claims for escape fees across all civil categories. A link has been added to our LASPO Resources page, along with links to the Statutory Charge Manual and further guidance on prior authority applications.

Over the next few weeks, the LAA website will migrate to the site, rather than being a separate area within the MoJ site. We are told that existing web addresses should re-direct to the new locations, but there may be problems. As much of our Resources page consists of links to the LAA site, some of them may stop working for a while. We will check and update any links that no longer work, but bear with us if it takes a little time – if you notice any broken links please let us know. As always, we also welcome feedback on how the page is used and could be improved.


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10 responses to “More resources

  1. Sara Taylor

    Wondered if you could assist. Have you discovered where the codes guidance is now. The link on your resources page does not go anywhere yet and when you search the MoJ website it does not find it. I am looking for the standard wording and the limitation codes. Thanks for your help.


    Sara Taylor
    Personnel and Quality Manager
    T: 01924 457171
    F: 01924 456131

    Jordans Solicitors
    Dewsbury, Horsforth, Wakefield

  2. David Edwards

    As far as I can make out, the move to seems to have caused the Lord Chancellor’s Guidance to have disappeared altogether. The old link from ( now redirects to the new Exceptional Funding page, which has links (as you’d expect) to the Exceptional Funding guidance, but not to the general LC’s Guidance. I don’t think this can have been intentional, but I can’t see from the new pages who (if anyone) at the LAA we should tell about broken links etc. Any ideas?

  3. David Edwards

    Actually, it’s still available here, Apologies for responding to myself! Feel free to delete both comments, of course.

  4. Stephanie Adams


    I have clicked onto the link on the resources page and the link below and this seems to take me to guidance re completing a criminal claim form and not the Escape cases Electronic handbook. The same also happened when I clicked onto the link sent direct by the LAA.

    Is there another link that takes you to the Escape cases handbook that relates to civil Legal Help?

    Kind Regards

    Stephanie Adams – Partner [Description: Williscroft logo signature] 17 Peckover Street, Little Germany Bradford BD1 5BD DX: 11769 Tel: 01274 305 380 Fax: 01274 720 715 Click on the icon to follow us on Twitter [twitter logo]

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