Crime duty tender postponed until October – 2

Further to our post last night, we understand successful bidders for own contracts have received the following message through the LAA e-portal:

Today we move to the next stage of implementation for the Crime duty tender. To support bidders in preparation for new contracts, we are publishing additional information in the form of:

• A draft version of the Duty Provider Contract standard terms

• A draft version of the Duty Provider Contract specification 
• Summary table of changes in new draft contract compared with current 2010 contract 

These documents are available via the following link:

In combination with the Law Society’s ongoing work with its members, we will also be providing market engagement opportunities to support firms in preparing for new contracts during August. In September we will publish a further round of tender information to help bidder preparations.

We have always been clear that we will do everything we can to support the transition to the new arrangements and to provide bidders as much time as possible to prepare. In order to give bidders sufficient opportunity to absorb this information, we will begin the formal tender in October.

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