Old civil forms now accepted up to 1 September

Further to our recent post, the LAA has issued an update earlier today which states that although the new legal aid forms will be available on 4 August, it will still be acceptable to use the old forms until the end of the month.

Pre 4 August paper forms received on or before 5pm on 5 September but signed and dated before 1 September 2014 will still be acceptable.


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5 responses to “Old civil forms now accepted up to 1 September

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  2. Noel Arnold

    Justice website says that Legal Help form (CW1) has been updated for August 2004 but the only version they have is the April 2013 version. Certificated forms like CIVAPP1 are update for August 2014 but not the controlled work forms. So annoying.

  3. noelarnold

    Thanks Simon. I looked at this and saw CW1&2 (http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/forms/legal-aid/crime-forms/forms-change-guide-august-2014.pdf) but I think you are right. I also think they could be a lot clearer when producing these guides

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