LAA awards own client crime contracts for 2015

The LAA has started to notify successful firms that they will be awarded own client contracts, subject to verification checks. Verification will take place early in 2015, with a response deadline of 19May (six weeks prior to the contract start date). Firms which are also awarded a Duty contract (see below) will have a separate verification process and the LAA will publish further information in due course .

The successful ‘own client’ firms will be invited to submit bids for Duty contracts in the next stage of the process. The LAA is still planning to do this in late July 2014.

When the Duty tender is opened, firms will receive an email inviting them to bid. It will therefore be very important to ensure that emails received via the eTendering portal are continuously monitored, so firms may want to add extra users to ensure nothing is missed during the summer holiday period.


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