Family Court bundle payments from 31 July

The MOJ has published new regulations to implement a revised scheme in respect of Court bundle payments. It undertook a short consultation exercise, which showed that the clear preference of respondents was to link the bolt-on to the Advocate’s bundle rather than the Court bundle.

Accordingly, this is the basis of the new scheme, subject to controls concerning documents which are served and ‘necessary to the case’, which the MOJ felt were required. The Civil Legal Aid (Remuneration) (Amendment) (No4) Regulations 2014 can be found on our LASPO Resources page in the list of civil regulations.


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4 responses to “Family Court bundle payments from 31 July

  1. Kate Hignett

    ‘bumdle’ ?

    ‘bundle rat’ ?

    Does anyone read these?

  2. Apologies Kate. Bumdle did slip through under the green eye shade but it was corrected within minutes. Still can’t see bundle rat though….. The typos do tend to be mine rather than Simon’s, I’m afraid. Good to know you are reading our posts. Many thanks for keeping me up to the mark.

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