Crime client care letters

It was client care letters that started me down the path to becoming a consultant (sad I know).

In the dim and distant days when I worked for the Legal Aid Board as a Liaison Manager, one of ‘my’ firms asked me to help them draft the paragraphs explaining the legal aid scheme to clients. I soon realised it was really hard to do!…. and perhaps there was a potential for specialist consultancy to help firms with all aspects of legal aid.

So, well done to the Legal Aid Agency for providing some standard wording which crime practitioners can use in their letters. You can download them here.



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2 responses to “Crime client care letters

  1. Are there any standard paragraphs for civil (family) work do you know?

    • Thanks Lorraine – no official paragraphs issued by the LAA as far as I know – although maybe they will get a taste for client care letters! There are some in Appendix 13 of The Solicitors Office Procedures Manual – which I co-authored with Matthew Moore.

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