New Family Advocacy Fees Published – updated post

The MoJ has published the new FAS fees which will apply in the new single Family Court from April. They are in appendix B and can be downloaded from the bottom of the page in the consultation response here.

The diffentiation in fees is based on the level of Judge hearing the case.  Apart from that, the fee structure is as before and has been designed to be cost neutral for both practitioners and the Ministry.

Due to indications from the President that Court bundles are likely to be restricted to 350 pages or less, there is a need to review bundle payments and a further consultation will be conducted on that point.

Note – the original post has been updated in the light of helpful comments received.


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5 responses to “New Family Advocacy Fees Published – updated post

  1. If the fee for public cases is determined by the Judge hearing the concluding hearing how does that work for Counsel who put their claim in as soon as an interim hearing is finished? This may be in the FPC (or equivalent) but the case is transferred to the High Court for trial. How is it proposed adjustments will be made and will this cause more problems when we bill and we have more bills rejected?

  2. vanessa brown

    I read it as FAS is per level of Judge at the hearing, whether public or private. CPGFS and PFLRS fixed fee is as per the final hearing.

    See paragraph 2.4 of the consultation response “In the case of FAS, remuneration will therefore be based on the level of judge conducting the hearing. For the Care Proceedings Graduated Fee Scheme and the Private Family Law Representation Scheme remuneration will be based on the level of judge conducting the hearing where proceedings conclude.”

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