Transforming legal aid: consultation deadline extended

The MoJ have extended the deadline for responding to the second consultation to 1st November. This is what they have said:

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Law Society officials had a very useful meeting earlier this week to discuss the clarification questions they have received from their members regarding some of the fixed fees under the modified procurement model put forward for further consultation in ‘Transforming Legal Aid: Next Steps’.

At the meeting the MoJ agreed to update the document in order to help provide respondents with as much clarity as possible. MoJ has also amended some of the figures in Annex H (Revised Advocacy Scheme proposals) in the light of queries received from the Bar Council.

An updated version of the further consultation document including Annexes G and H can be found at: Transforming Legal Aid: Next Steps. No changes have been made to the other documents on that page.

In light of the clarification and amendments, the MoJ has decided to extend the consultation deadline by a further ten working days. As a result, the consultation will now close on 1 November 2013.

Separately, please be aware that the timetable for the research into the optimum size and number of Duty Provider Work contracts, jointly commissioned by the Law Society and MoJ and being conducted by Otterburn Legal Consulting, has also been extended. The closing date to submit surveys is now 16 October. The output of this research will help inform our final decisions. We would therefore encourage respondents to participate.

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