LAA announce contract outcomes

The LAA have published the outcomes of the tenders for 2013 contracts on their website.

As expected, a significant number of organisations bid for multiple contracts – for example, in family Co-op Legal Services have about 80 contracts and Duncan Lewis about 30, while in housing Duncan Lewis have about 30 contracts, Shelter and Shelter Cymru about 20 each and Liverpool and Manchester CABx about 10 each. Duncan Lewis top the immigration list with about 20 contracts.

Back in January, the then LSC released an FAQ which said that there were 2500 bids for family contracts, 800 for housing and 500 for immigration. But only about 2150 family contracts, 600 housing contracts and less than 400 immigration contracts have actually been signed, an attrition rate in each case of about 20-25%. This suggests that a significant number of providers either withdrew or failed verification and therefore matter starts provisionally allocated to them in January will have been withdrawn. It would be a lengthy exercise to compare contracts in each procurement area with allocations in the procurement plans to see whether there are unallocated matters (or whether allocations were exceeded due to the minimum guarantees in the tender), but it seems quite possible that there are now procurement areas with fewer matters actually awarded to providers than were in the procurement plans, even though providers got less than they tendered for. The LAA has not said how – or whether – it intends to re-allocate matters freed up by organisations pulling out or failing verification, but it would be worth contacting your contract manager if there are unallocated matters in your area and you received less than you bid for.

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