New forms revealed

The LSC have published a preview of the legal aid forms that will apply from 1st April. The civil ones are here, and the crime ones here.

Old forms should be used up to 1st April, and the new ones from 1st April onwards. The LSC will accept old forms signed pre-1st April up to 30th April, with the exception of civil application forms. As the transitional arrangements make clear, civil applications signed before 1st April must be received before 5pm on 8th April for legal aid to be granted under the old scheme.

Practitioners dealing with civil certificated work will therefore need to be careful to ensure forms are submitted on time and correctly; if a form is rejected and a re-application is required, and the re-application is not received until after 8th April there is a risk that the case will have gone out of scope in the meantime and the client will not get the legal aid they would have been entitled to had the form not been rejected. A provider who makes a mistake on an application with the result that the client can no longer get legal aid will be in a difficult position.


For more on the new legal aid scheme, see our LASPO Resources page, follow us on Twitter @legalaidhbk or pre-order the new Handbook by emailing


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