Civil contract awards announced

The LSC have announced that they are starting the process of notifying bidders of the outcome of the recent tender process today. You should receive an email through the e-tendering system at some point before the 11th January.

The LSC have also issued an FAQ, available on their website, which sets out some key information. The next crucial deadline is 25th January – if the LSC require further information from you (e.g. confirmation of office address, supervisor declarations, etc), failure to provide it by 25th January will result in your award being withdrawn.

The FAQ makes clear that there were bids for many more matter starts than were available, and from more providers than currently. As a result, in many areas, only the minimum guaranteed level (61 matters in family and 101 in housing and immigration) will be awarded to those who bid in lot 3. Those who bid in lots 1 and 2 will receive what they bid for. In advance of your award notification, you may want to check if your area is on the over-subscribed list, to give you a bit more time to decide what to do if your award is significantly lower than your bid. This will apply to family bids in London, housing across much of northern England, especially the North West, and Wales, and in immigration in major cities such as London, Manchester and Bristol and some other areas.

There is no right of appeal against your allocation. If you have been awarded more or less than you wanted, you can not negotiate your award; you can only accept what you have been offered or reject your bid. If you have been refused a contract, there is no right of appeal.

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