True to form?

The LSC changed several legal aid forms, both civil and criminal, with effect from 1st October, meaning they were mandatory from that date. Unfortunately, they forgot to make an announcement about it, with the inevitable result that lots of practitioners have been submitting the old forms and having them rejected. As a result, the LSC have now postponed the forms changes until 1st November. If you have had a rejection because you used the old form, you should be able to re-submit the form and have it dealt with as a priority. See the LSC website for more information.

If you have suffered as a result, for example because legal aid has not been granted or because you have had a payment delayed because a bill was rejected, you may wish to use the LSC’s complaints procedure. Matt Howgate posted a useful article on LegalVoice a few months ago setting out how the LSC’s compensation scheme works and if you have suffered financial loss this would seem to be a classic case of where it should apply.


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