Weekly round up

In this update:

  • Legal aid bill – the end of the road
  • New criminal forms
  • Guidance for solicitors and barristers billing civil cases
  • Family high cost case plans
  • Deadline for duty solicitors

Legal aid bill 

The bill reached the end of the Parliamentary process this week and is likely to get Royal Assent in the next few days. After ping-ponging between the Commons and the Lords, debate finally reached the end when the final Lords amendment, on domestic violence in family cases, was tied in the Lords and under Parliamentary rules therefore lost.

The next stage in the reform process is the opening of tenders for new contracts on the basis of the new Act from April 2013, for more on which see our recent posts.

New criminal forms

Version 8 CDS14 and CDS15 forms will not be valid after 6th May. Version 9 forms must be used from 7th May onwards. The revised forms, and a guide to completion, are available here.

Civil billing guidance

In an attempt to reduce rejections of civil bills from both solicitors and barristers, the LSC has issued further guidance. It is quite extensive and useful as a checklist in reducing rejects, and the LSC will implement it in full from 1st June. The guidance for solicitors and for barristers is available on the LSC website.

Family high cost case plans

In a further attempt to reduce rejection rates, the LSC have also issued guidance on submitting high cost case plans in family cases.

Deadline for duty solicitors

Criminal duty solicitors are reminded that changes or additions to scheme membership need to be with the LSC by 14th May.


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