Payment delays – new Law Society practice note

As we have been reporting for some time, there is considerable concern among practitioners about delays in processing at the LSC. Various attempts to improve turnaround times have been tried, including diverting staff from answering the phone and extending emergency certificates to eight weeks.

There have been some improvements as a result, but not to a level that most practitioners would consider to be acceptable. Delays in processing have a number of consequences; late grants or amendments to certificates can cause difficulties and delays in casework and expose practitioners to going unpaid for work done in the meantime; late payment of bills can have serious cashflow implications.

The Law Society have now published a new practice note, which helpfully sets out the LSC’s contractual obligations to pay bills and the relevant law on seeking interest and compensation for late payment.

Current processing times at the LSC can be seen on the civil and criminal pages of their website.



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