Weekly round up

Revised family fees

Guidance on the new family and housing with family fees has been issued; the changes – an across the board 10% cut – take effect for all cases started under the 2012 contract, which comes into force on 1st February.

New forms

Changes to civil and criminal forms will take effect later this month, with the new forms mandatory from 1st February. The new versions are available now on the LSC website for preview. Old forms signed before 1st February will be accepted until 29th February.

Criminal applications

Also from 1st February, hardship applications for criminal legal aid for otherwise ineligible clients should be submitted to the courts, not the LSC. See the LSC website for more.

Criminal costs

Tony Edwards’ regular criminal law update in the Gazette includes reports of several important cases on criminal legal aid in the Crown Court and is well worth reading. We have previously reported the McClarty and Ian Henery cases; just as important are Schilling and Otote on when more than one fee may be payable, as well as a further case on wasted costs.

Legal aid bill

See our earlier post on the progress of the legal aid bill.

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