Trouble with supervisor forms

The LSC has unwittingly caused a great deal of confusion with its slight re-design of the supervisor forms. Many people thought it was compulsory to complete the direct supervision, file review and training sections of the forms; but it wasn’t. These options are there for people who have done less than 1050 hours personal casework over 3 years if full time or 5 years if part time or having had a career break. Supervision, file review and training delivery are  other ways of demonstrating casework involvement.

However, ticking the key personnel verification box on page 2 is compulsory and the form is not valid without it.

If  you haven’t completed your form, or realise it was incorrect – do not worry. Para graph 2 on p.38  of the Information for Applicants confirms that the absolute deadline is not until 20 December:

‘2. Applicants will initially be given 2 weeks to respond to the verification request. Where no
response is received to this request, or information is provided but is incomplete,
Applicants will receive a final request to provide this by 20 December (6 weeks before
the Contract Start Date). If the requisite information has not been provided by 20
December then the offer of work will be withdrawn.’


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