LSC announces Family tender timetable

The LSC has announced the timetable for the Family tender. Key points are:

  1. The process will not be competitive in the same way as last year
  2. All bidders meeting basic criteria will be awarded a contract
  3. Providers will not be required to undertake the full range of family work and will be able to do either private or public family law, or both
  4. ‘Licensed work only’ contracts will be available
  5. The Supervisor to Caseworker ratio will be adjusted to 1:4
  6. Family with Housing contracts will be offered with a minimum size of 50 Housing new matter starts.

Key dates

5th September 2011 – tender process opens

3rd October 2011 – tender process closes

Mid November 2011 – notifications of awards and requests for verification

Early December 2011 – verification documentation received

1st February 2012 – contract begins

For more information go to the LSC’s website


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