1 August – new CDS forms are compulsory from today

Version 8 CDS forms will be mandatory for all new applications from 1 August 2011.

The cut-off date for new applications submitted on version 7 CDS14, 15 and 16 forms was 31 July 2011.

Version 7 CDS forms signed and dated by the applicant before 31 July 2011 can be accepted for a further period of one month.

Forms CDS14 and CDS15 are available free of charge from Innovative Output Solutions (IOS)

Tel: 0845 3000 343

Fax: 0845 5438 258

Email: cdsforms@legalservices.gsi.gov.uk

The LSC says no changes are anticipated to the CDS forms in October 2011 and version 8 forms should be current until at least April 2012.

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