BAILII appeals for funds

Legal aid practitioners know what it is like to operate on tight finances, and know that the necessary resources to keep up to date with the law and provide a good service to clients usually don’t come cheap. Yet one of the best of those resources, the BAILII website, is completely free of charge. But it is only free because of the generosity of its supporters. It is not a government website or in any way official. It is run and operated by a charitable trust, and is currently facing financial difficulty which threatens its future existence. As a result it has launched an appeal for support.

Leaving aside the importance, in a society under the rule of law, of the law being freely available to the public – to which BAILII makes a huge contribution – it provides practitioners with a tremendous resource. If you have made use of it at any point, you will realise its value. You can donate to the appeal here.


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